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Dr Penny Bickle
University of York
“Dealing with difference: investigating social diversity in the central European Neolithic”

Cultural historical approaches to the central European Neolithic have cast a long shadow over archaeological research in the region. In comparison to the British Neolithic, where cultures named by type-sites and pot styles have faded from use, in central Europe they persist. Differences within cultures have become reified into ‘types’ of society; with a ‘culture’ often assessed against perceived markers for hierarchy (e.g. Big Men vs. Chiefdoms), with a subsequent impact on how other differences—particularly between men, women and children—are interpreted. However, there is now increasing evidence for diverse lifeways across the central European Neolithic, in which not everyone in one ‘culture’ was living in the same way. Focusing on the burial evidence, isotope data and new radiocarbon chronologies this talk will explore the diversity of Neolithic lives and what that means for models of social change.


Richmond Building, J Floor, room J19