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Time zone: Europe/London
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Ends: 08:15pm (duration is about 3 hours)

Dr Angela Schlumbaum & Dr José Granado
University of Basel, Department Environmental Science, Integrative Prehistoric and Archaeological Science (IPAS)

“Beyond sherds and coins – ancient DNA and animals in archaeology”

The IPAS specialises in interdisciplinary research and collaboration between different disciplines to understand ecology and economy in the past. Beside traditional archaeological finds, molecules such as nucleic acids (DNA) surviving in archaeobiological remains or in sediments are rich sources to shed new light on old questions and quite often, to generate new questions. We will give a brief introduction to methods and strategies used. Some examples of our own research into cattle, goat, horses and whitefish will be given to illustrate the potential of archaeogenetics to issues in archaeology.


Richmond Building, J Floor, room J19